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Well with MK

Well with MK is a wellness hub for supporting and empowering women offering an online community, wellness coaching and inspiring merchandise. We provide tools that will support your growth and gain the confidence to go and live a healthy successful lifestyle, in a way that works for you.

Well with MK Community

Whether you want to live healthier, be stronger, unleash your potential or discover yourself, we are a community of friends who will be your cheer squad.

We will support, encourage and motivate you because in this community of fabulous women, it is a place where everybody and every body is welcomed with open arms and open minds.

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Wellness Coaching

Some days life is just hard....we lose our way and need support in finding our direction again.  We can help you get back on the right road with Well with MK.

Maree & Kim are IIN qualified Health Coaches, who can work and support you on a one to one basis or offer group workshops and courses, they will help you navigate your wellness journey.

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Inspired Shopping

We offer a range of clothing and merchandise that will encourage, inspire, motivate and support a positive body imagine towards everybody.

Feeling empowered to take on the world as a woman is a non-negotiable. 



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MK have created a wellness hub where every woman can feel welcome and supported, whether you are looking for a community for that day to day interaction, friendship and motivation or some individualised support in wellness coaching, we are here for you no matter what. We believe in an environment that encourages body weight not to be the most important factor in your journey, instead we promote a whole wellness lifestyle that supports stronger, healthier and happier bodies focusing from the inside out, how you feel not how you look.

Well with MK Thoughts and Ramblings

We have created a blog with our musings for you to read, learn and perhaps a laugh at our thoughts and ramblings.

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