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Thanks for checking out our website.  This page is about us and why we are passionate about Well with MK.  So who are we?

We are sisters (Maree & Kim = MK) and we live at opposite ends of New Zealand but that doesn't stop us.  We love exploring and trying new activities together and we are passionate about all things health and wellness.

Why we are passionate about wellness?

We are women who have been there done that, we have stressed about the number on the scale, we have gone to bed at night vowing to make better food choices the next day, to get more exercise and better sleep routines.  Do we have all the answers?  No!  Because no one does, our bodies all have different requirements, our bodies are not a one size fits all situation.

We have grown this community for everyone to realise and celebrate the importance of their amazing qualities.  We believe in an environment that encourages body weight not to be the most important factor in your journey, instead we promote a whole wellness lifestyle that supports stronger, healthier and happier bodies focusing from the inside out, how you feel not how you look.   Imagine a community that celebrates everybody and a place where every body is welcomed.

Personally, we both hold IIN (Institute of Integrative Health) qualifications.  We embarked on the journey of Health Coaching because the body, health and wellness are a huge interest to us.  Yes, we eat predominately whole foods, as few processed foods as possible whilst enjoying a well-balanced journey.  Movement is forever evolving but it will always include daily movement as a source of physical fitness, strength and mindset.

We have and always will want Well with MK to be about celebrating the journey of all women whether in our community or as a client in our wellness coaching, we will share our journey with you but as a community we are part of a team and will not focus on ourselves.

We will only review and share what we personally purchase, we love to support small local businesses and if we have enjoyed a service or product we will rave about it.  

We believe that we are wellness entrepreneurs not social influencers, if we are gifted products and we love them we will share but will ensure we are open and transparent with you.

We hope you enjoy looking around our wellness hub and if you become part of the Well with MK Community we look forward to getting to know you. 

MK xx


Well with MK Community

Whether you want to live healthier, be stronger, unleash your potential or discover yourself, we are a community of friends who will be your cheer squad.

We will support, encourage and motivate you because in this community of fabulous woman it is a place where everybody and every body is welcomed with open arms and open minds.

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Wellness Coaching

Some days life is just hard....we lose our way and need support in finding our direction again, we can help you get back on the right road again with Well with MK.

As IIN qualified Health Coaches, we can work and support you on a one to one basis or offer group workshops and courses, we will help you navigate your wellness journey.

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