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A well-worn path

I'd like you to remember something next time you’re thinking of jumping on that quick fix diet Tracey told you about at work the other day.  “A well-worn path doesn’t mean that you are on the right track.”

The diet path is well-worn and goes like this:

We start a new diet. 

We feel restricted and deprived.

The cravings commence and we give into temptation.

We beat ourselves up with our thoughts of guilt and failure.

We rinse and repeat.  The success rate = low.  The outcome = we are miserable. 

So, how do we change the pattern and break the cycle. 

Change the goal.  Instead of setting goals based on the number on the scales, set positive change goals.

The list of non-weight based positive changes are endless.

Removing fizzy drink from your day.  

Walking for 10 minutes more than you would normally.

Start walking for 10 minutes if you haven't started. 

Add more vegetables into your day. 

Any positive change you make is going to send you in the direction of better health and wellness. 

One size does NOT fit all.  We are all different, so remember, when Tracey comes in telling you about her fancy new diet that she's lost so much weight on, it could have the opposite effect on you.   Short answer - you do you.  

Hello, are you there?  Your body talks to you every day.  Are you listening?  If you listen to your body, you will develop an understanding of what it needs.  It shows us all the signs, whether it's hungry, in pain or just plain tired, what it needs and when it needs it.  Focus on listening.

Embrace the healthy lifestyle.  Yes, Tracey lost 4kg last week on her egg diet but let’s face it, diets may work in the short term, but more often than not, when we stop the diet we gain back the weight we have lost and then it generally brings friends, sorry Tracey.   Dieting can do more harm than good, so focus on fuelling your body so it can go the marathon distance, not the sprint. 

It takes more than a salad to achieve overall wellness.  From healthy food and exercise, managing your stress levels to factoring in activities daily that bring you joy and make you happy, focus on your system as a whole. 

Wellness on every level is achievable with little steps in the right direction each and every day.  Start by listening to your body, set some positive change goals and yes, get off those scales.




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