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Exercise with Noise

mmmovement Nov 06, 2020

Now I’m not a natural athlete… bahaha those words and my name don’t go hand in hand but I’m committed and consistent with moving every day.  I’ve hit one of the big milestones in years (which, I’ll leave to you to discuss amongst yourselves) but it’s up there, so dragging my body out there some days doesn’t come willingly, but it is a non-negotiable in my life.

Some days I need to turn to that same vice I always turn to in my time of need: music.  It is such a valuable tool when it comes to getting off your ass, hitting the pavement or into the gym.  There is a lot of research around the best type of music to listen to, beats per minute versus the type of exercise your doing at the time.  Personally I just like to listen to my favorites, all the time!!  But it is good to change it up occasionally.  Changing the type or the beats per minute may make you move quicker, get your heart rate up and then the same goes with having a slow down playlist for stretching afterwards.... yes you do have to stretch!  I can literally see my physios one eyebrow raise!

We should all be moving as much as we can. It's good for your heart and your head. And that smugness you feel when you swan around the house in your disgusting, sweaty clothes after hitting the pavement or a workout is so rewarding and I like to think inspiring for some.

 So tell us, what's your favourite workout song?  Or do you prefer exercise without noise?  



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