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It's the climb

mmlifestyle Jan 25, 2021

It’s the beginning of the new year and all the talk around goals is high.  People are jumping on the goal wagon heading in the direction of the end results.  Many without a plan (process) to make sure they achieve their (destination) goal.

For example, weight loss.  If, like me you’ve done a round or two on the diet wagon, it won’t surprise you that many of us have slipped up.  We are more likely to say “I blew it”… and eat another piece of cake.  However, if we focused on the process of eating more healthily, gave into temptations occasionally then we are more likely to continue with the journey.  

Hiking out in the beautiful outdoors, another example.  The goal is to finish the hike, you want to end it at a particular place.  But by focusing on the goal to get thru to the end the hike you’re missing the best bit.  Hiking is about enjoying nature, the movement, and the challenges the terrain brings you.  In other works, prioritise the journey (the process) not just the destination (the goal).

So, what shall I do?

Use your goal as a compass, not a GPS.

And if you need any help with pointing your compass you know where we are.


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