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Our Top 5 Wellness Non-Negotiables

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020

The path to wellness is relatively simple.   We follow the five rules below in our everyday lives. 

Eat as little sugar as possible

Limited consumption of sugary treats is OK – but the key word here is LIMITED.  Particularly refined sugars that are hidden in any processed foods you buy, so fresh is best.   Excess sugar is one of the high causes of inflammation in your gut.

Move your body.

Keeping your body moving throughout your day is necessary.  We both move for a minimum of 30 minutes every single day.  If you don’t like walking, put on some music and dance.  Play tag with the kids, go swimming.  There are many ways to move your body in a non-traditional exercise way.

Get good quality sleep.

I cannot stress this enough.  Sleep is a huge contributor to how our bodies work throughout the day.   I try to go to bed at the same time every evening.  10pm.  Lights out.  If you can create a night-time routine that you can stick to your body will thank you for it.   There are many apps that you can listen to if you need and sleep supplements to help promote a restful sleep.

Meditation Moments

Your wellbeing relies on you keeping your mental health in check.  There are many different forms of meditation. You may knit, complete a journal entry, or listen to soothing music.  The list is endless, just do what you enjoy, but do it daily.

I am not one to sit in meditation alone with my thoughts.  I prefer to do a 10-minute slow stroll in the early hours before sunrise or after sunset in the evening. 

Purpose and Passion

Finding your purpose or your passion can be hard, but worthwhile.  Finding a community, you connect with, people that have similar values, whatever it is make sure that it is meaningful to you.  

If I can move through my life laughing, connecting, and encouraging others that makes me one happy lady daily.  xx


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